Professional Directory Request Instructions

JB Lashes would like to invite you to apply for a listing on our “Locate a Professional JB Lash Artist” page of the website. Please carefully review the qualification criteria and terms & conditions listed below and submit your information to us for review via postal mail.

*Please review the Photo Submission Tips below as it will greatly improve your application and request processing time: Close up of one eye only to ensure best quality.
Full sets should be a minimum of 30 lashes per eye.
Must be clear and detailed in order to determine expertise with glue application, framing, and ability to isolate. No clumps of glue should be showing.
Pictures must be taken from 3 different angles including front view, side view and from behind with client in reclined position.
Please write name and a brief description on the back of each photo (i.e. “Before Cathy” & “After Cathy”).


Submit all photos with the form below to JB Lashes via postal mail.

Mail All Information To:
JB Lashes
Attn: Professional Directory Request 
6200 Artesia Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90620, USA

JB Lashes gets thousands of visitors each day to our website. If you are listed on our “Locate a Professional JB Lash Artist” page, you will receive a huge amount of targeted marketing, absolutely free to you, for a minimum of two months. With just 5 new clients per month, this will result in at least $1,000 in new revenue for you or your salon each month, not to mention the recurring revenue from ongoing touch-ups. JB Lashes reserves the right to set a minimum (of JB Lashes products purchase) in order to qualify to be listed in our directory in the future.

To quality for a listing, you must:
Successfully complete the JB Lashes Training and Certification Course.
Have qualified for and received your JB Lashes Certificate.
Performed a minimum of 10 full applications.
Submit “before” and “after” pictures of at least 5 different full applications.
Fill out the form on page 32 of this packet and submit it with your photos.

Optionally, you may include the following information with your request :
A short bio of you or your salon.
A high-res JPG photo of you or your salon
A high-res JPG photo of your salon's logo

* photos submitted to JB Lashes become the sole property of JB Lashes and will not be returned. By submitting any items to JB Lashes you are consenting to these items being used in publications and/or advertising by JB Lashes.

Professional Directory Request Form(must be submitted with photos)

click here to download form