Interested in joining the JB LASHES network of successful educators? Please view instructions below to get started:

  1. Submit three Before and After photos of three separate clients (total of 9 photos). Please review our Photo Submission Tips below as it will greatly improve your application and request processing time:
    • Edited or retouched photos will not be accepted.
    • Photos should be close up and high res
    • Full sets should be a minimum of 30 lashes per eye.
    • Must be clear and detailed in order to determine expertise with glue application, framing, and ability to isolate. No clumps of glue should be showing.
    • Picture of each client must be taken from 3 different angles: 1) client looking up 2) client looking down 3) client looking to the side Please click here for acceptable examples of before and after photos.
    • Please write name and a brief description for each photo (i.e. “Before Cathy” & “After Cathy”).
  2. Resume and cover letter.
  3. Three professional or client references in the format of a letter (please include phone numbers).


If submitting via email, please send to our Education Team at:

If submitting via mail, please send to:
JB LASHES Education 
Attn: Nery Herrera
6200 Artesia Blvd.
Buena Park, CA USA
Phone: 714-521-6200