Platinum Pro-Bonding Glue, 10mL

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Quick Overview

JB Lashes' newest adhesive with an ultra quick drying speed

Easier-to-use viscosity
Deep black color
Long-lasting adhesion
Seamless bonding



"Platinum Power"

Color: Black
Bonding Power: 5-8 weeks with proper application and client care
Drying Power: instant cling
Premium adhesive with superior holding power, drying time and easier application
For advanced technicians only

Glue Tips:

Keep clients' eyes closed throughout entire procedure, plus an additional 10 minutes after procedure.
Refresh glue drop every 10 minutes

For best performance reorder glue between 2 to 3 months after opening.

Customer Reviews

Love it! Review by Shanaya
I'm super picky and have tried manyyyy adhesives. Right now I totally love this one. The bond time is superb. And I love that I can move quickly & smoothly through my sets. (Posted on 2/6/17)
Love but clogs to quick Review by simona
Love the glue just clogging the nozzle way to quick and I need to replace every 4weeks if that long. Other then that this is the best glue I ever used.
Maybe add a second nozzle!! (Posted on 1/30/17)
okay Review by lashstopnh
I had better results with the mega adhesive, if you don't put the lash on immediately the glue will dry, but it will still stick to the lash.. ends up with in happy clients having quick lash loss. Unless you are VERY quick, i'd go with the mega! (Posted on 1/8/17)
Clogging nozzle and glue becoming sticky or stringy fast. Replacing bottle within three weeks. I need tips Review by carmen
I love the glue for the quick setting time and lashes last longer then other glues.
However I am having problems with the nozzle clogging and the glue becoming sticky or stringy fast. I am replacing every three weeks.
Anyone have any tips?
(Posted on 10/11/16)
Fast as fast can be Review by Jenny
The wear time for this glue is superb if you are fast to apply. The fumes are more forgiving than the Mega Pro and a seamless bond. Great glue you just have to be fast before the glue dries on the lash. (Posted on 4/21/16)
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